Memory Lane

Capturing your life story

When we are gone what will people say? What will they remember? And what do we want others to know about the person we were?

Our family stories are so important – the life experiences of our ancestors, and who and what shaped their lives. No matter our beliefs, our life’s narrative is meaningful and important.

Increasingly people are wanting to recall and record their personal histories for the benefit of their loved ones – and to do this while they are still here. But finding those words can be daunting, and knowing where to start and how to bring those words and thoughts together.

The purpose of Memory Lane is helping you to preserve your personal history for present and future generations to enjoy. My writing services can help in this process at the time it’s needed the most. I can help collate thoughts, experiences, and precious memories and craft them into an individual story that honours a life and memories. 

The process


You may have some ideas of what you want to say, or need the words you already have edited or refined. You may be starting with a blank piece of paper and I can assist from any point in the writing process. I also have a simple question-and-answer interview format in which you can quickly and easily provide the information needed for me to create a customised story written in your own voice and style.


In the initial interview, I will asked you to detail your history via some thought-provoking questions and this is best achieved in an atmosphere in which you are comfortable. Your answers will be recorded and you can share as much or as little information as you like.


This information will then be transcribed into a preliminary document. This is then edited and the stories collated and organised so that they make sense if being read. This version is then reviewed by you and always with the option of amending anything you wish. You will have full control over what is included in your life story at all times.


If you also have photographs you would like to include, these will be taken and safely scanned so they can accompany the text. These will be returned to you immediately once scanned, usually within 24hrs. All text and pictures are combined into an electronic document. You will then possess a valuable piece of heritage that your family will treasure for generations to come, and will be one of the most meaningful things you will ever do.

Pricing is charged at a fixed hourly rate. Contact me for a free consultation to review your needs and to price your project.