Naming ceremonies are the modern day christening. They tend to be non-religious and are focused on celebrating the individuality and spirit of your child, as well as highlighting the family, love and support they have surrounding them. For all involved, it’s a very special day.

It’s a perfect way to welcome a new baby, welcome and celebrate an adoptive child, recognise the changing of a child’s surname or to embrace stepchildren into a blended family.  The child can be any age so this ceremony is also ideally suited to celebrate an older child, particularly if there has not been a celebration previously.

One of the wonderful things  is that there are no ‘rules’ – there is no right or wrong way to conduct a naming ceremony.  There are many ways to make your child’s a very personal and meaningful event for everyone involved.

Your ceremony may involve just one person, a few people or a gathering of family and community.  It may be simple or more complex, short or long. You may wish to include stories, poetry, song, dance or family customs.

With my assistance, you decide each and every element. Every ceremony conducted by me is unique and offers the flexibility to meet individual needs and wishes as you express this shared love for your child, as well as celebrate your family.


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