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Avoiding the snake in the grass

Posted on 04 Aug 2019

Let me be frank. Looking back on when I first became a celebrant and decided to make this my full-time career, it amazes me now that I actually stuck with [...]


Handover negotiations!

Posted on 12 May 2018

‘Giving away’ the Bride was traditionally the exchange of a daughter from her own family to her groom’s and is why for fathers have long held the role of walking [...]


Introducing the Ever After Wedding Collective

Posted on 21 Apr 2018

Weddings are wonderful occasions. They’re full of love and happiness, celebrating two people beginning the rest of their lives together. But let’s face it: they’re also expensive. Even when you [...]


Finding Your Frequency

Posted on 03 Mar 2018

In every industry, it’s true that there is always someone, or something, new emerging and it is absolutely the case in the wedding industry, whether it be a brand new [...]


Four Weddings…and a funeral.

Posted on 18 Feb 2018

Yesterday was both epic, and a bit unusual. In the wonderful world of celebranting (not a word but you know what I mean) it’s pretty common to have a wedding [...]


You can’t make old friends

Posted on 28 Dec 2017

It’s true. Either you have them, or you don’t. Not everyone is lucky enough to have genuine old friends, the kind where you may not talk each other for a [...]


It’s just not cricket!

Posted on 15 Oct 2017

New Zealand was the fifteenth country in the world to institute same-sex marriage legislation when on 17 April 2013 our Parliament passed the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill. This enabled [...]


Amber Caskey

Posted on 01 Sep 2017

If you are looking for a Marriage Celebrant in New Plymouth, Taranaki, with a fresh perspective, then look no further! I offer a professional and comprehensive service with attention to [...]