Whether you are local or have travelled to our beautiful Taranaki from elsewhere – New Zealand or overseas – you can enjoy a uniquely beautiful elopement wedding designed with just those things, few or many, that you require.
I offer this service throughout the year round and with my industry contacts I am able to make arrangements at very short notice. I am lucky to have an amazing array of local wedding vendors ready to assist when required.
Packages can include many details being organised directly for you. Services are customised to your requirements and the following can be included in your package:


  • Recommendations on venues and beautiful outdoor locations
  • Celebrant – (that’s ME!). Also included is the use of my portable PA sound system
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Bridal makeup
  • Bridal hair
  • Buttonhole for the groom
  • CAKE!
  • Photographer
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner recommendations and reservations
  • Picnic hampers and champers!
  • Accommodation recommendations and reservations


Prices are on inquiry and dependent on your specific package requirements.



elegance elopements


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